Cookies von Eclipse X

Ab der Eclipse Version X2 werden keine Cookies mehr verwendet. Daten werden im Localstorage gespeichert. Folgende Daten können vom Theme im Localstorage gespeichert werden:

Element Schlüsselname im Localstorage Beschreibung
FE-Modul: Datenschutz Opt-In user_privacy_settings save privacy level settings
FE-Modul: Datenschutz Opt-In user_privacy_settings_expires The storage period of the privacy local storage key in days
Inhaltselement - Popup ce_popup_isClosed flag that the popup has been closed by user click
Onepage-Navigation onepage_animate flag that the onepage scroll script started its animation
Onepage-Navigation onepage_position stores the current scroll offset position
Onepage-Navigation onepage_active flag that the current page is a onepage website structure
Demo Cardealer, CustomCatalog List view_isGrid flag if the view should be a grid or not
Portfolio portfolio_MODULE_ID user selected filter value
fe_page Eclipse.outdated-browser: "confirmed" infobar outdated browser

Bedienungshilfen / Accessibility Tools

Folgende Localstorage-Einträge werden nur bei der Verwendung der Bedienungshilfe / Accessibility-Tools gespeichert.

Option Schlüsselname Beschreibung
Fontsize accessibility_fontsize save users "fontsize" settings
Default fonts only accessibility_default_fonts save users "default fonts" settings
High contrast accessibility_contrast save users "high contrast " settings
Boldface accessibility_boldface save users "boldface" settings
Show focus accessibility_focus save users "show focus" settings
Black / White accessibility_black-white save users "Black / White" settings
Reverse Colors accessibility_reverse_colors save users "Reverse Colors" settings
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